PORTLAND, Ore. — Recreational weed has become legalized here in Oregon for one week and now Portland International Airport has chose to make a large change in its drug policy.

Travellers lining up at the protection gateways at PDX will notice brand-new signs about the airport’s position on recreational marijuana.

Oregon legislation claims you are able to journey having a legal volume of pot, you simply can’t take it out of the state, even to Washington.

PDX is definitely allowing travelers to board together with the authorized amount of cannabis on travel arrangements that take off and land inside of Oregon’s borders.

Airport authorities stated if a TSA agent detects cannabis on you, they will inform Port Police. Port Law enforcement will check to see if you’re within the legal limit, examine your age and check out your boarding pass to make sure you aren’t flying out of the state.

If every thing checks out, they’ll allow you to go on so that you can make your airline flight.

a number of travellers did not appear to have a problem with it.

“I don’t care should they have it in their pocket. I couldn’t care less as long as they can’t smoke it within the airport, you can’t smoke it inside the airplane. Therefore is dependent if wherever they’re going if it’s lawful, that’s good with me,” reported Arnold Lucht.

“I’m not anti-marijuana but I’m pro-hairspray. I would really like to possess some hairspray or perhaps some shampoo. What’s hair shampoo planning to do to someone? Precisely why can’t I take my hair shampoo on a plane? I believe it’s just a little lopsided. Silly, it’s really silly,” reported Verena Douglas, whom moved to Oregon from Colorado.

PDX points out TSA agents aren’t focused entirely on actively snooping out weed, but if you’re flying out of Oregon and are caught with the legal quantity of cannabis, you’ll be required to depart the checkpoint and find a means to eliminate your marijuana prior to getting back in line.